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Zertifizierung Siegel

Certification for employers

Why certification?

The shortage of skilled workers is still in its infancy and will worsen in the coming years.
As an attractive employer, you must differentiate yourself from your competitors on the labour market and successfully position yourself as a future-proof employer.
Certification proves that you meet quality standards, continuously monitor and adapt to future requirements.

What are the concrete benefits of certification in Holistic Health?

  • Certificates prove that you objectively comply with defined standards.
  • Certificates add value to your company and give you recognition.
  • Certificates give orientation to applicants and employees.
  • Certificates ensure a continuous improvement process.
  • Certificates can be used internally and externally.
  • Certificates help the company to focus on defined goals.
  • Certificates make your activities transparent.


Advantage of certification?

You need to attract applicants, retain employees and keep your corporate image at a high level. Certification as a Top Company for Employee Health ensures that your company has holistically addressed the health of your employees. This is proven through internal and external audits and confirmed with a quality seal.

Advantage of certification?

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • reduced health care costs
  • improved work culture
  • improved corporate image
  • increased job satisfaction
  • reduced stress in the workplace
  • increased job retention rate
  • improved job security
  • increased employee engagement
  • reduced employee turnover

Prerequisite for certification

Certification in the area of Holistic Health is open to all companies and organizations that wish to offer their employees holistic working conditions that safeguard and promote health. Certification requires that the employer takes a holistic and proactive approach to its employees and their health, critically analyzes all relevant processes and framework conditions, and allows for changes where necessary. Finally, the prerequisite for certification is the completion and passing of an external audit, which is carried out by the qualified auditors of the EHHI.

Certification procedure

  • Information (free consultation, clarification of open questions, offer)
  • Consulting optional (Holistic Health consulting by EHHI, optimization of processes, survey of employees)
  • Internal audit (performance of an internal analysis based on the quality criteria of the EHHI, optimization if necessary)
  • Documentation review (submission of necessary documentation for certification, review by EHHI)
  • Planning of external audit (discussion of documentation review, time planning, planning of audit content)
  • External audit (on-site audit conducted by qualified EHHI auditors, determination of corrective measures)
  • Corrective measures (optional consulting and support by EHHI, implementation of measures)
  • Evaluation of the audit and corrective measures
  • Issue of certificate
  • Performance of regular surveillance audits

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