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About us - EHHI® - Your key to successful business

Why us?

The European Institute for Holistic Health (EHHI®) is a European-wide management consultancy and certification and training company that supports organisations in achieving sustainable, inclusive growth in the healthcare market. We support companies from the private, public and social sectors in their most important changes – in partnership and close cooperation. We help solve complex problems and create positive changes for all involved. We combine bold strategies and transformative technologies to make innovation more sustainable, achieve lasting performance improvements, and build the workforce that will succeed for this and the next generation. To this end, we combine our specific industry understanding with functional excellence in strategy, quality assurance, marketing and sales, and process optimization.

A lived culture of values is the basis of our work. Our aim is to improve the performance of the companies we advise comprehensibly and sustainably and to position them in a future-oriented manner. The interest of our customers is paramount. Our professional independence is a prerequisite for objective advice and therefore free from any external influence. Loyalty and absolute confidentiality are the basis for a close and open cooperation with our customers.

Throughout Europe, the EHHI® team works in different countries. The EHHI®, or the former EWI, was founded in 1999. Claus-Arwed Lauprecht has been managing partner for Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia since December 2021.

EHHI® Unternehmensberatung sowie Zertifizierungs- und Weiterbildungsgesellschaft
EHHI - Ihr Schlüssel zum erfolgreichen Business
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Not only due to the pandemic, holistic health has become a lifestyle for many people. A sustainable social need that is nevertheless experienced individually by each individual. The specificities of this healthcare market have become a major challenge for companies and service providers.

The EHHI® is a powerful project partner for people, companies and institutions who want to implement this “development for your own health” as efficiently and competently as possible into professional and market successes.

Many health projects lack qualified staff, experts who were not trained in disease theory but in the holistic approach “What keeps our body healthy?”, holistically healthy.
Excellent employers and companies can have their performance certified and receive the coveted EHHI® seal.

In addition, we lay the foundation for successful operation with practical in-house training and certified continuing education. Together with the organisation of the Chambers of Commerce, we offer a comprehensive qualification in the health market.

Claus Lauprecht

Claus-Arwed Lauprecht: “The number one success factor for profitable health projects is an optimal and individual concept, high-quality offers and products as well as the training and motivation of the employees (m/f/d).

This is why we not only successfully develop and implement long-term health concepts and services.