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Certification for companies

Top health services are the great demand of guests in the future. Self-responsibility and security for one’s own life are increasing. Not only individual applications are desired, but offers that have a holistic effect on the body, mind and soul. Here we have developed a certification for the guests and for the healthcare companies, which gives the company the opportunity to communicate its quality both externally and internally, and guests can be sure that they will not only be pampered here but also receive something very good for their “Holistic Health”.

Why certification?

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 In recent years, the healthcare market has become increasingly important, so that more and more companies are entering this market and will continue to do so in the future. (It is no longer just physical health that is relevant; the concept of health is continuously being defined / interpreted more holistically.

The wide-range of offers, combined with more pronounced demands and expectations, as well as the trend in knowledge culture, means that consumers have more choice and are more focused on looking for good offers – quality and transparency are essential factors. Therefore, put your money on it so that you can establish yourself sustainably with your company (in this market).

With the help of a certification, it becomes clear to your guests that they expect a holistic health-oriented offer and that quality standards are met above average, monitored continuously and dynamically and proactively adapted to future requirements.


Due to the independent review and certification, it is transparently demonstrated to the guests that they can expect a high-quality, holistic health-oriented offer.


Other benefits for certified companies include:

  • Improved company image, greater acquisition of new customers, better customer loyalty, thereby increasing sales and increasing market share, differentiating from the competition.
  • For the employees there are further benefits such as improved work culture, increased guest satisfaction, job attractiveness, job security and, ultimately, economic stability for the company and thus not only investment potential.
  • Certificates prove that they comply with objectively defined standards.
  • Certificates give your company added value and recognition.
  • Certificates ensure a continuous improvement process.
  • Certificates can be used internally and externally.
  • Certificates help the company to focus on defined goals.
  • Certificates make your activities transparent.


The seal or Holistic Health Award “Top Place for Holistic Guest Health” is aimed at all health-oriented companies that provide their guests with a holistic health experience. The “Top Place for Holistic Health” seal is awarded to companies whose services and philosophy are geared towards holistic health that promote the holistic health of their guests.

In addition to physical, mental and social health, these include safety and prevention aspects as well as issues of location and multidimensional sustainability.
The prerequisites for certification are that the company deals holistically and preventively with its guests and their health, critically analyses all relevant processes, offers and framework conditions and optimizes them with the aim of holistic health as a benefit for the guests.
These different aspects of holistic health are ultimately reviewed by qualified auditors of the EHHI®. Upon successful completion of this external audit, the certificate is then issued.


1. Information (free consultation, clarification of open questions, preparation of quotations)

2. Optional Consulting (optional holistic health consulting by the EHHI®, optimization of processes, survey of employees if necessary)

3. Internal audit (performing an internal analysis based on the quality criteria of the EHHI®, if necessary: optimization)

4. Documentation check (submission of the necessary information and proofs for certification, examination by the EHHI®)

5. Planning external audit (discussion of documentation review, scheduling, content audit planning)

6. External audit (conducting the on-site audit by qualified auditors of the EHHI®, determining corrective measures if necessary)

7. Corrective measures (optional advice and support by the EHHI®, implementation of measures)

8. Evaluation of the audit and corrective actions

9. Issue of certificates (validity 2 years)

10. Carrying out regular monitoring audits


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