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What is Holistic Health?

Holistic Health or Holistic Health considers the whole system of maintaining the health of people. According to the definition of the World Health Organization Exact health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

What areas does holistic health cover?

Holistic health refers to the areas of body, mind and spirit. Specifically, these three areas include: Body (action):

  • This area refers to, among other things, maintaining the health of the material parts of the human being, e.g., through exercise, treatment, stress ...
  • Mind (thinking): This area refers to, among other things, maintaining the health of the person's mind, e.g., through self-reflection, attitudes, search for meaning ...
  • Soul (Feeling): This area refers, among other things, to maintaining the health of the person's conscious and subconscious sensations, e.g., through perceptions, experiences, feelings ...

What does the EHHI ® (European Holistic Health Institute) do?

The EHHI ® is the first point of contact for all organizations that would like to take advantage of consultations, training and certification around the topic of holistic health and thus position themselves in the field of holistic health of people future-oriented.

For which organizations is the topic of holistic health relevant?

Holistic health is relevant for all organizations that employ people, work for people or are in contact with people, e.g. industrial companies, service companies, non-profit organizations, public authorities, public institutions and many more.

Why does certification in holistic health make sense for companies?

The shortage of skilled workers is only just beginning and will intensify in the coming years. As an attractive employer, they need to differentiate themselves from competitors in the labor market and successfully position themselves as a sustainable employer. Certification indicates that they meet quality standards, continuously monitor them and adapt them to their own requirements.

What are the benefits of certification in Holistic Health?

  • Certificates prove that they objectively comply with defined standards.
  • Certificates add value to their company and strengthen their recognition.
  • Certificates provide orientation for applicants and employees.
  • Certificates ensure a continuous improvement process.
  • Certificates can be used internally and externally.
  • Certificates help the company to focus on defined goals.
  • Certificates make their activities transparent.

What are the benefits of certifying companies in Holistic Health?

Companies need to attract applicants, retain employees and keep their corporate image at a high level. Top Workplace for Holistic Health certification ensures that your company has taken a holistic approach to employee health. This is verified by internal and external audits and confirmed with a quality seal.

What are the requirements for Top Workplace for Holistic Health certification?

Certification in the area of Holistic Health is open to all companies and organizations that want to offer their employees holistic working conditions that safeguard and promote health. The certification requires that the employer holistically and proactively deals with its employees and their health, critically examines all relevant processes and framework conditions and, if necessary, allows for changes. Finally, the prerequisite for certification is the completion and passing of an external audit, which WILL be carried out by the qualified auditors of the EHHI®.

How does the certification "Top workplace for holistic health" work?

1. information (free consultation, clarification of open questions, offer).

2. consulting optional (holistic health consulting by EHHI®, optimization of processes, survey of employees)

3. internal audit (performance of an internal analysis based on the quality criteria of the EHHI®, optimization if necessary)

4. documentation review (submission of the necessary documentation for certification, review by EHHI®)

5. planning of external audit (discussion of documentation review, time planning, sustainable audit planning)

6. external audit (on-site audit by qualified auditors of the EHHI®, determination of corrective measures)

7. corrective actions (optional consulting and support by EHHI®, implementation of measures)

8. evaluation of the audit and corrective measures

9. issuance of certificate

10. performance of regular surveillance audits

What does my company gain from certification?

Employees who are encouraged to be healthy are more likely to feel more satisfied, which leads to increased morale.
This can have the knock-on effect of improving efficiency and improving employee/employer relations and community with colleagues. Over time, dies on improving business results for your company. In addition, YOU WILL HAVE A fitter, stronger, healthier workforce that is likely to be more emotionally positive. Research shows that healthy employees are more than three times more productive than unhealthy counterparts.

Where can I get support?

The EHHI® can help you.

Start by planning and implementing a workplace health program. If you can't start it all internally, you may need to refer for outside help.

There are many specific workplace health services and resources that can be accessed (sometimes at little or no cost) to support your progress.

Visit the Healthy Workforce Healthy Future.

Websites to see what services are already supporting become healthy workplaces.

If the workload still seems too heavy, consider contracting with EHHI®, who can develop an appropriate program to meet your needs. Alternatively, the provider can develop elements of your program, such as workshops, seminars or health checks.

Certification for companies

Benefit from the attention-grabbing and high-quality EHHI® seal and present your outstanding performance as a healthcare company more strongly both internally and externally

Consulting for companies

We support you strategically and operationally so that you can further develop your health offerings and quality and receive the "Top Place for Guest Health" seal as an award.

Education & Training

Top-trained and successfully applied in practice - not only you personally, but also all guests benefit from this.

Certification for employers

Benefit from the attention-grabbing and high-quality EHHI seal and present your outstanding services for employees as an employer more strongly both internally and externally

Consulting for employers

We support you strategically and operationally so that you can further develop your health offerings and quality and receive the "Top Company for Employee Health" seal as an award